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The mission of BeerTrippr is to provide incentives for people to visit breweries throughout their state, to strengthen relationships between breweries and their customers, and to promote breweries beyond their local customer base.

They do this through a combination of the BeerTrippr website and a physical poster where BeerTrippr's can track which breweries they've visited in a fun and interactive way.

BeerTrippr focuses on daytrips and weekend excursions within a particular state. Through BeerTrippr, breweries will not only strengthen their local support, but will also increase their citywide and statewide brand recognition. Customers can share trip itineraries, vacation pics, and brewery information on social media. Craft beer consumers are extremely loyal to their local breweries. Data shows that a customer’s exposure to a variety of breweries actually increases customer loyalty while also expanding the base of new craft beer enthusiasts.

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