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Chicago, long known as the Windy City has additionally become world-renowned as a food mecca, known for its diverse culinary offerings. Devanco Foods manufactures two of the most popular items that originated here – Gyros and Italian Beef. Established in 1993, Devanco Foods currently manufactures Gyros, Chicken Gyros, Italian Beef, French Dip, Italian Sausage, Pure Beef Hamburgers, Hamburger Patties, Marathon Chicken Burgers, Pita Bread, Tzatziki Sauce in addition to a plethora of other Greek & Mediterranean food products.​

Devanco Foods management team has over 100+ years of collective experience in manufacturing and marketing, covering all aspects of our business. They're honored to serve the highest quality products available while providing outstanding customer service before, during, and after every encounter with their company!

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