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About The Project

Elite Communities provides social justice advocacy, leadership development, and community support services since it was founded by visionary LaTonja Ellis in 2020. Despite their mission to help communities transform and empower themselves, they had difficulty establishing a strong brand presence in the market due to an outdated website design, lack of knowledge about marketing best practices, and weak content strategy. Elite Communities also found it challenging to create a voice for their organization that resonated with the community.

Elite Communities

Transforming Minds, Empowering Communities

Website | Graphic Design | Content Creation


Elite Communities

3m 24s

Average Session Duration


New Monthly Visitor Increase


YOY Web Traffic Increase


Increase in Organic Traffic

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The partnership between Elite Communities and website resulted in positive outcomes such as increased user engagement as well as an uptick in social media conversations around their brand. They also saw an increase in web traffic due greater visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) thanks to 773Designs' enhanced SEO approach tailored towards the mission of Elite Communities.



In 2021, Elite Communities partnered with 773Designs to create a more appealing website design and better storytelling narrative. With the mission to “equip leaders to impact, transform and empower communities” they knew they needed a website that was inviting and communicated their message effectively. With 773Designs’ help, Elite Communities now has a brand that conveys their values of empathy and empowerment across all digital platforms. The website's user experience is modernized and makes it easier for visitors to stay informed on current events and find relevant resources. The improved navigation structure helps the community easily access information quickly while also providing them with an immersive visual experience.





Congratulations! I love your website. It gives a warm and inviting feel. I know you have important info but it didn’t feel like you were shouting. I could hear your voice.


The collaboration between Elite Communities and 773 Designs yielded positive results in terms of increased visibility for Elite Communities, website traffic growth, strengthened customer relationships, improved user satisfaction ratings, and expansion into new markets. 773Designs provided strategic guidance on how to effectively communicate messages through modern web design practices while engaging target audiences more deeply than ever before. For Elite Communities, this partnership enabled them to establish a stronger brand identity among its target audience while increasing user engagement on all digital mediums significantly from pre-partnership levels.

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