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About The Project

Jocelyn Jones is a entrepreneur with a unique story and a vision to build her own personal brand. She has always been passionate about helping people find their true authentic selves, but she was struggling to build her own personal brand and make a name for herself in the industry. She knew that she needed to reach a larger audience in order to have any success and impact, so she began searching for an agency that could help. After researching various companies, Jocelyn decided to partner with 773Designs as they seemed to understand her vision and mission the best.

Jocelyn J. Jones

Live Live on Purpose

Website | Graphic Design | Content Creation


Jocelyn J. Jones

4m 5s

Average Session Duration


New Business Opportunities


YOY Web Traffic Increase


Increase in Organic Traffic

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The partnership between After partnering with 773Designs, Jocelyn has been able to reach more potential clients than ever before with a modern website that showcased all the aspects of her brand perfectly. Furthermore, the new look and feel of the website provided visitors with an enjoyable user experience that encouraged them to stay on the site longer while providing more opportunities for conversions.



When Jocelyn Jones first began working with 773Designs, their goal was to create a new look and feel for her website that would give users a different experience from the one they were used to. They wanted it to be simple yet engaging and be easily navigable by all users. The website featured information about her book launch as well as ways for users to contact her for speaking/training engagements. Additionally, 773Designs created promotional page for Jocelyn’s new book “Breaking the Power of the Mask” which was being released at the same time as the launch of her new website.





Prior to working with 773Designs on this project, I was frustrated because I had attempted to design the site on my own. I also didn’t have a clear direction of how I wanted my site to look.


The partnership between Jocelyn and 773Designs produced amazing results. Some of her results include an increase in sales through digital channels as well as more bookings for speaking engagements thanks to the professional appearance of Jocelyn’s new website.

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