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About The Project

Dr. Keyes is an expert on the procedure he perfected over more than three decades, and he has helped thousands of women have more esthetically pleasing toes and feel good about wearing sandals. After beautifying tens of thousands of toes, the most important toes he can beautify are yours.

Keyes for Toes

The Secret to Beautiful Toes is in Your Hands

Website | Graphic Design


Keyes for Toes


New Monthly Users


Increase New Client Requests

20 - 30

New Weekly Submissions


Increase in Organic Traffic

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That’s when they partnered with 773Designs, who created a detailed requirements definition and proceeded to develop a new website tailored to meet their needs. 773Designs took steps ensure that visitors would have an enjoyable experience by optimizing the website for mobile devices, creating easy-to-navigate menus, and adding features like customer reviews and FAQs. Additionally, they implemented SEO best practices and incorporated additional search engine optimization techniques in order to increase organic traffic.



Keyes for Toes was struggling to keep up with the demands and changes of their industry. They had an outdated website that was not optimized for mobile devices, was difficult to navigate, and lacked the functionality needed to attract and retain customers. Search engine traffic had been reduced due to the website's lack of optimization, leading to fewer opportunities for new business. As a result, Keyes for Toes needed a comprehensive solution that would drastically improve their online presence.





We all here do believe the new website is a major factor for the increase in traffic -- we like it!


Since partnering with 773Designs, Keyes for Toes has seen amazing results. Their website is now more user-friendly than ever before, allowing them to attract more customers from around the world who are seeking assistance with toe issues. Organic search rankings have also improved significantly as a result of improved content on the site along with better optimization practices, leading to increased visibility on Google search results pages. Overall, Keyes for Toes’ relationship with 773 Designs has truly transformed their online presence from its previous state into one worth bragging about!

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