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About The Project

Once upon a time, a pair of married pastry chefs realized that if they wanted a bigger, more accurate rolling pin, they’d have to design one themselves.  In 2010 Bob and Gina Hartwig were up to the task.  Born in Chicago's Lovely: A Bake Shop was the Lovely Rolling Pin, an extra-wide, super-accurate pin perfect for thin-crust pizzas, a batch of cookies, or really any other big, doughy task you want to tackle. And with their smooth (and lovely-to-the-touch) wax finish, they guarantee that all the  dough stays on the table, not on the pin.

Lovely Rolling Pin

Dough Perfectly Rolled,
Even thickness everytime!

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Lovely Rolling Pin


Ability to Sell Online


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Realizing the need for a skilled partner to propel their product to success, the Hartwigs chose to collaborate with 773Designs, a reputable design company that could fortify their brand, establish their online store, and expand their market reach. 773Designs provided enhanced brand identity, improved ecomm model, and expanded distribution channels.

The partnership between the Lovely Rolling Pin and 773Designs highlights how effective collaboration can help convert an excellent idea into a successful and sustainable product. By trusting their design expertise and leveraging their creative capabilities, the Hartwigs were able to overcome their initial struggles and transform their dream into a reality. Today, the Lovely Rolling Pin is a preferred tool for professional and amateur bakers alike, proving that with the right partnership, even the simplest of ideas can become an enjoyable and fulfilling triumph.



The Lovely Rolling Pin, born out of a passion for impeccable baking in the Lovely: A Bake Shop, was designed by Bob and Gina Hartwig – a married couple who happened to be accomplished pastry chefs. They desired a more accurate and efficient rolling pin to aid them in creating delicious baked goods. With their unique design, the Lovely Rolling Pin offered an extra-wide, super-accurate solution for thin-crust pizzas, cookies, and other dough-based culinary masterpieces. However, the road to success was not without its challenges.

Initially, the Hartwigs faced several hurdles to bring their Lovely Rolling Pin to the global market. They had a fantastic product that significantly improved the baking process, but they struggled to efficiently market and distribute the rolling pin.






As a result of their collaboration with 773Designs, the Lovely Rolling Pin garnered immediate success in the market. The partnership contributed to:

Increased Sales: The enhanced brand image and accessibility to a wider customer base, both in physical stores and online, led to a significant increase in sales.

Word-of-mouth Marketing: Satisfied customers spread the word about the Lovely Rolling Pin, resulting in more people endorsing and purchasing the product.

Industry Recognition: The rolling pin was lauded for its innovative design and functionality by popular food blogs and baking magazines, which boosted its popularity and market value.

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