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About The Project

Marcus Garrett is a motivational speaker, recovering auditor, and a #1 Amazon Kindle bestselling author of D.E.B.T. Free or Die Trying: How I Buried Myself $30,000 in Debt and Dug My Way Out in 36-months on my way to an 800 FICO.

Before selling his take in 2020, Marcus co-founded a multi-award-winning personal finance business dedicated to helping working professionals make money, save money, and get out of debt--reaching over 2 million podcast downloads.

Marcus Garrett

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Website | Graphic Design | Content Creation


Marcus Garrett


Increase in Conversions


Increased Affiliates


Increased in Book Sales


Improved Brand Recognition

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TMG partnered with 773Designs with the goal to build a website that better reflected who he was as an entrepreneur, author and speaker. First things first - 773Designs created a new website with a fresh design and layout while ensuring the design met all accessibility requirements. Additionally, they created interactive elements such as a podcast page, selection funnel page for TMG’s books, audios and videos; as well as various Call To Action (CTA) buttons throughout the website for visitors to quickly contact or join TMG’s newsletter list.

The redesigned site also featured improved search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities that helped TMG's pages rank higher within SERPs so that potential customers could find him easily online. Moreover, the team included sharing options on each page which allowed users to easily share pages on their favorite social media platforms - thereby increasing visibility of TMG's work & services across multiple channels.



When The Marcus Garrett (TMG) began his entrepreneurial journey in personal finance, he had a goal to help working professionals manage money better by providing resources, guidance and mentorship. He co-founded an award-winning business that was reaching over 2 million podcast downloads; however, he knew the success of his venture would depend on his ability to connect with new affiliates who could help him showcase his book and engage for speaking opportunities.

Unfortunately, TMG did not have a website to drive new customers. They lacked the ability to bring together crucial elements such as interactive content pieces that could easily be consumed by visitors. TMG needed a website that allowed visitors to readily access important resources quickly and learn about his services clearly.





773Designs helped me monetize and scale my original business idea into a six-figure brand in less than 6-months!


Thanks to 773Designs’ work on updating the website for Marcus Garrett's business, he has seen tremendous positive results - including increased visibility among potential partners/clients; improved communication between existing customers/partners; wider outreach opportunities; higher sales of his book; and greater engagement overall!

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