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About The Project

Post Meridian, a video production company with 20 years in business, was struggling to create a website that could showcase the work they had done over the past two decades. They needed a website that would be able to show off their new upgraded studio and all the videos they had produced in the past. In order to do this, Post Meridian partnered with 773Designs, an digital marketing agency, to help them create a website that could meet their needs.

Post Meridian

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Post Meridian

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That's when Post Meridian decided to partner with 773Designs. Turning to 773Designs, they communicated what they were looking for in terms of functionality and design. 773Designs was able to deliver exactly that. Their website now features a stunning gallery showcasing all their work across various platforms such as video production, audio mastering, photographic retouching, and graphic design. It also provides visitors with detailed information regarding the studio’s capabilities as well as contact forms to inquire about rental opportunities. Additionally, visitors can easily access Post Meridian’s social media platforms from each page on the website.



Post Meridian knew they had to make some major changes if they wanted to stay competitive in the industry. For 20 years, their website had been limited and outdated, unable to showcase all of the creativity their team was capable of producing.

They knew that a website overhaul was overdue, but they didn’t know where to start. With the upgrade of their studio and the ever-changing landscape of the digital world, they knew it was time to get a website redesign. They wanted a website that would not only show off their studio and work but also effectively communicate the high quality of their services. Unfortunately, they struggled to find a web design firm that could capture their vision and create an impactful website experience.





Our new website raised our brand to a higher level and my business has grown because of that. If you're looking for a great design team that delivers results, 773Designs is worth checking out.


The partnership between Post Meridian and 773Designs enabled them to create a website that exceeds expectations in terms of functionality, usability and visual appeal. It accurately reflect the top-notch services that Post Meridian provides but it also perfectly showcases 20 years worth of creativity in a modern way.

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