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About The Project

RSI Design (Rebechini Studios, Inc.) is a wholesale manufacturer to the trades.

Celebrating 75 years in business, They pride themselves on value engineering for their clients. They like to say "if you can dream it, we can build it."

​RSI Design is a highly custom shop. With a dedicated crew of craftsmen and the largest etching equipment, waterjet, router and laser capabilities in the country. There crew knows how to combine these processes to meet requirements allowing RSI Design to be a leader and resource for others in their industry.

Rebechini Studios

Always Find Your Way

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Rebechini Studios


Visibility Online


Increase in Leads

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Increase in Organic Traffic

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773Designs offers business managers a digital system and better supporting attributes than other agencies. Solutions are created with the immediate need in mind as well as how these features and functions could pivot for future business trends. 773Designs began with a deep-seated desire to help businesses often overlooked by larger agencies. Though not intentional, many of our clients have something in common: They’re generational business owners.

A particularly helpful 773Designs feature was to implement a portfolio system for Rsi-Design to show their previous work and talk about what went into the project. Having a great portfolio ready to go on their website enables Rsi to offer social content that helps support their message and bring their users back to their home on the web..



Rsi spent the last 30 years moving from tech person to tech firm without ever having anyone take the time to understand how the business could be enhanced with a better digital footprint. To get new business, they relied heavily on referrals, emails, and brochures to communicate the value of their brand. Which made them struggle with X. They never had any strategic web presence. Including a website or social accounts.

Spending time in a reactive mode was not working for Glenn and Kyle (the 2nd and 3rd generation owners) and their team. With no system aggregating and managing leads, there was no visibility into how frequently or how many new requests they were missing each month.

With business speeding toward a more digitally integrated future, Rsi-Design needed a new way to drive engagement, intake new requests, and manage their business more efficiently.





Excellent tool to show the client we can make what they're looking for!


A true home on the web, more inbound leads, and a great product portfolio - the results

773Designs helped Rsi-Designs with more visibility to how many current and potential clients are searching for them or their services on the web. With very specific options that a user can take advantage of on their website.

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