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Step Forward helps people find hope, believe in their future and take steps to make it a reality. As the State’s designated anti-poverty agency for Cuyahoga County, Step Forward is tasked and trusted to lead the fight on the ground against poverty in our community.

Poverty is complex. The circumstances, situations and needs are unique for each person or family. Step Forward understands this complexity and through strong community partnerships, and a wide range of programs, helps people navigate the vast resources available to help them.

Having a website that helps so many creates a difficult challenge. How do you cram all of that content into a website and not have it feel overwhelming? Furthermore, how do you provide an environment that someone can find the information they're looking for?

The answer is a combination of asking good questions, creating a process, and making sure everyone was on the same page.

The result was a site that represents Step Forward in a way that their community feels comfortable interacting with.

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