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About The Project

After joining True Mentors before 773Designs was an official organization, we hoped that we would be able to give back to the organization that helped our idea become a company.

True Mentors seeks to bridge the social and skills gap by providing practical mentorship to thousands of individuals. They reached out to have their website redesigned in order to accommodate mentors and mentees needs while also promoting the brand and what they stand for. Lastly, a profile that showed more about a mentor or mentee than the usual image and text.

Our Role was to understand what was important to a mentor, mentee, business, and new user and have something relevant and valuable for each. Each part of the site has a purpose or actionable step that guides the user and makes it easy to interact with the site.

True Mentors

Your Network = Your Networth

Website | Graphic Design | Content Creation


True Mentors


Increased Website Engagement


Rise in Mentor Recruitment


Rise in Mentee Recruitment


Increase in Organic Traffic

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The new website design was well-received by both mentors and mentees, leading to a significant increase in user engagement. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features made it easier for stakeholders to navigate the website and access relevant resources.

The revamped profile creation feature made it possible for mentors and mentees to share more about themselves than just an image and a few lines of text, promoting deeper connections. Improved website administration tools allowed True Mentors to manage their events and activities seamlessly, maximizing their outreach and impact as a result.



True Mentors' initial website was underperforming and not effectively showcasing the great work they were doing or motivating potential mentors and mentees to contribute to their cause. The website was plagued with:

Poor user experience, making it difficult to navigate through the available resources and opportunities. Aesthetics that did not reflect the organization's success, growth potential, or true value. Limited features, which made it challenging for mentors and mentees to share in-depth profiles and connect effectively.

As a result, user engagement was low, and their digital presence was not attracting the desired number of visitors, which translated to limited participation in events and difficulty in recruiting and retaining mentors and mentees.






The True Mentors case study highlights the power of a strategic partnership between a non-profit organization and a digital agency. True Mentors' collaboration with 773Designs resulted in a revitalized website and digital presence, which in turn enabled the organization to recruit more mentors, attract more mentees, and foster countless success stories in bridging the social and skills gap. Through this transformative digital experience, True Mentors has paved the way for future growth and continuous success in empowering individuals and strengthening the mentor-mentee bond.

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