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About The Project

In System Override, you will hear from a diverse array of the top leaders and experts about the technologies and movements shaping our shared technological future. The book is more than a deeply thoughtful, beautifully written look into possibilities for humanity, it is a rapidly-versioning experiment in collaboration.

Creating a place that could show collaboration, updates, and a place to purchase the book "We The Web". Creating way for users to get the content they want. Creating a place that users could better interact with the brand as well as easy options to acquire the physical book.

We The Web

More Than A Book

Website | Graphic Design | Content Creation


We The Web

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Visitors to the website had access to content updates about upcoming events related to System Override, plenty of information about their authors, multimedia content like videos and podcasts featuring interviews with authors and experts who have contributed towards System Override, an interactive store page where customers can easily buy physical or digital copies of System Override in just a few clicks. Overall, users had everything at their fingertips thanks to an easy-to-navigate interface developed by 773Designs that made it easier than ever before for customers to get what they wanted quickly without any issues or delays.



We the Web needed a website that could provide an easy way for customers to purchase their book titled “System Override” while providing an interactive and engaging platform. However, they faced many challenges in creating a website that would suit their needs and objectives. After searching thoroughly for a web development team, they finally reached out to 773Designs.

773Designs went through an extensive process of understanding We the Web’s needs and objectives before laying out a plan for their website. This process entailed interviewing stakeholders from different areas within We the Web and gathering relevant documents such as style guides and wireframes to better understand their vision for the website.





Since launching their website, there has been an incredible surge in sales of books related to System Override and users are now more engaged with content related to System Override than ever before which has helped grow awareness around it dramatically.

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